When the Logitech QuickCam Orbit/Sphere AF webcam is in use on Windows, a little window pops up enabling pan, tilt, zoom, and lighting control. This applet works outside of the program currently capturing video.

Is there a similar, full featured control program available for Linux?

I did find the CLI uvcdynctrl and a simple python/tk GUI program pyuvcdyncrtl.py, which wraps around it, but pyuvcdyncrtl.py can't control the dynamic lighting, zoom, or other features.

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You can try 'guvcview' for pan/tilt control.

  • This is sufficient, but I'm looking for a more elaborate control that what it provides. – Colin Dean Mar 14 '12 at 17:57

Command-line use

To see a complete list of the possible settings for your webcam, do

uvcdynctrl -cv -d /dev/video2

Notice you need to specify the device to use, default=video0, but can also be video1, video2... In my computer for example is video2.

Pan camera

To the left:

uvcdynctrl -d /dev/video2 -s 'Pan (relative)' 1

To the right:

uvcdynctrl -d /dev/video2 -s 'Pan (relative)' -- -

To reset pan:

uvcdynctrl -d /dev/video2 -s 'Pan Reset' 0

And so on...

Graphical use

With viewer


Without viewer of during use (with cheese for example)

guvcview -o

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