Using the doc page Using Style Sheet for the Tab Bar, I've made a .css file to change the background colours of Konsole's tabs depending on which one is selected (the default colours are barely differentiable).

However, when I navigate to Settings ⇒ Configure Konsole ⇒ TabBar and go to "Use user-defined stylesheet" to select my file, the browser cannot see it.

Is there another way to select my .css file?


I agree, the colours are too similar. I hit the same problem as you: it won't find .css files in the file selector for some reason. However, I solved this by checking the "Use user-defined stylesheets" checkbox and then typing in the full path to the stylesheet into the text field.

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    There we go! I must have cocked it up when I tried this originally, I'm celebrating by having my tab colours as contrasting and wildly coloured as possible. – airdas Oct 16 '17 at 9:45
  • I also forgot to click on the checkbox. – shevy Feb 13 '19 at 18:14

As previously mentioned in the comments above, I did it in the following way :

  • create a css file on my directory profile "/home/mlazo" :
mlazo@mlazo-pc:~$ cat /home/mlazo/konsole-tab-color.css
background-color : rgba(25,25,25,0.6);
color: white;

  • then I set the full path of the file in the following field :

enter image description here

  • finally, the outcomes were :

enter image description here

Hope my experience would be helpful for someone.

Best regards,

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