I am using Ubuntu 16.10 trial version with Firefox, running on a hardware-write-protected USB memory, to do online banking on https sites. My PC has Windows 10 installed on the hard drive but I think this OS is not being used. This setup seems to work fine, but I cannot discover what encryption algorithm(s) are available to the TLS protocol. Apparently 9 options are possible under TLS:

  1. No encryption
  2. RC4 with 40-bit keys
  3. RC4 with 128-bit keys
  4. RC2 with 40 bit key
  5. DES with 40 bit key
  6. DES with 56 bit key
  7. Triple-DES with 168 bit key
  8. Idea (128 bit key)
  9. Fortezza (96 bit key)

Can anyone tell me which are supported by Ubuntu 16.10 trial version?


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