When I first set up irssi, I can easily join a channel, but I'm used to seeing popups when people ping me privately.

In default irssi it appears there is no way of knowing if someone sent you a private message - is there a way to automatically popup unknown private messages in irssi?

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Private messages should create another window and highlight it in a different color.

By default, these are the following colors and their meanings in IRSSI:

  • White - Part/Quit/Join
  • Bold White - Unread channel messages
  • Bold red/pink - Unread channel highlights or private messages

irssi window

See the [Act: 2,3,4,5] text? Those numbers represent unread notifications. 2 is a private message, 3 is a ping in a channel, 4 is an unread message, and 5 is someone joining or leaving.

You can access them by cycling through with Ctrl+N or Ctrl+P, or by typing /window N, where N is the window number.

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