I am new in Ubuntu and I don't known how to install my USB WiFi adapter driver!

My USB WiFi comes with a driver disk and there are 2 folders named "Linux" & "upload". Both folders contain .zip and tar.gz files. I have extracted them but I still can't install the driver.

How can I fix it so that I can access the internet?

  • Post the folder content using ls command – Johnny Dec 1 '16 at 10:05
  • How to do that ? Can you teach me ? – Beno Dec 1 '16 at 10:44
  • With the device plugged in, open a terminal window with CTRL + t and enter lsusb and post the results. There is a chance that the drivers that came with the adapter are too old to work – Jeremy31 Dec 1 '16 at 11:05
  • Open terminal, navigate to folder using cd command. Example: cd path/to/folder then do ls – Johnny Dec 1 '16 at 11:09
  • Possible duplicate of Connecting Asus USB-N13 Wireless Adapter – SuB Dec 1 '16 at 11:10

You will need a connection to the internet to install

sudo apt-get install git build-essential linux-headers-generic
git clone https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver.git
cd rtl8192eu-linux-driver
sudo make install


After a kernel update is installed, you will need to reinstall the driver

cd rtl8192eu-linux-driver
make clean
sudo make install

Without internet, you can download https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver/archive/master.zip on a computer with internet access and transfer it to the Ubuntu desktop. Right click on the file and choose extract here. Then in terminal

cd Desktop/rtl9182eu-linux-driver
sudo make install


Have you tried run the installer ? If not, then run following command :

cd Desktop/Linux/upload/rtl8192EU_linux_v4.2.4_8819.20130822_beta

I saw readme.txt file, have you read that ? Maybe there's official instruction to install the driver.

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