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I'm seeing a potentially problematic issues here when I use the command line:

dpkg -l | grep macchanger 

It would list macchanger and the version with no problems.

I recently uninstalled this buggy version I had via:

apt-get remove macchanger

Then reinstalled it but I manually compiled and installed it from sources from GitHub. Now when I use:

dpkg -l | grep macchanger 

I get absolutely nothing and the issue is that I want to be able to keep track of the package.

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Debian Package Management System only keeps track of packages installed by dpkg and other utilities based on it. Installing from source code (Compiling the source and installing produced files) is another way to install packages. This means that packages installed by compiling their source code isn't listed in dpkg -l and cannot be removed using dpkg -r. The only way to remove a package installed by compiling it source is issuing this command in compile directory of it:

make uninstall

Please note that some source codes don'y support make uninstall.

In some cases you can download .deb of that version and installing by dpkg -i command. This way need high knowledge of package management in Ubuntu because a mistake cause broken dpkg database.

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