I created a new user "Others" so that they can login into it and use other than mine (admin). But, I want them to use the Music folder which is present in my home/vinny_ab28 (admin). I logged in to the "Others" account and accessed my admin folders using

others@pheonix:~$ cd /home/vinny_ab28

And when I typed ls I was able to go through all my files and folders.

So from my admin account 'vinny_ab28' I did

vinny_ab28@pheonix~: sudo chmod 700 /home/vinny_ab28

So that no one will be able to enter it.

Now I want to share the MUSIC folder which is in /home/vinny_ab28/Music with other users too so that they can use an play those files from my account without accessing other folders and files.

Note: Even tried 'Local Network Sharing'. I was unable to access still.

What can I do?

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    what about using soft links? – Nawaz Sohail Nov 29 '16 at 13:18

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