Does anyone have experience with input methods and engines such as ibus, fcitx, uim, anthy, mozc?

Which one would you guys recommend for Japanese/ For Chinese?

And do they work inside a terminal? inside Vim/Emacs? And most importantly, do they require a Desktop Environment by any chance? (I'm currently using a tiling wm.)

Also, what's everyone's favorite Japanese/Chinese Font?


The default IM framework on Ubuntu for typing Chinese or Japanese is Fcitx. Please see this spot in the official documentation.

I think that IBus and Fcitx are the ones which are best supported. Won't say anything more about a recommendation; in the end it's about personal preferences.

AFAIK they work fine in terminals. Setting it up without a desktop environment is of course a bit different compared to the linked example in the official desktop guide.

Default fonts in Ubuntu are:

  • for Chinese: Noto Sans (the fonts-noto-cjk package)
  • for Japanese: Takao (the fonts-takao-* packages)
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