On Ubuntu 16 I switched back to Evolution as my default email client. It's set correctly in the system settings. But when I click the envelope (mail) icon in the top panel (tray), the only option is to launch Thunderbird. How can I get the mail tray menu to switch from Thunderbird back to Evolution?

This did not work :

  • sudo apt-get install --reinstall evolution-indicator indicator-messages (logged in and out many times)

  • I have no "missing icon" error in .xsession-errors

  • I heard that uninstalling Thunderbird is not recommended

My main goal was to get email notifications, so I have installed many tasks, in the system-monitor I see : notify-osd, mail-notification, and indicator-messages-service

This fix didn't work How do I switch back to Evolution and ensure that it is integrated with the desktop?


Well, I uninstalled Thunderbird, I just lost the mail icon in the tray, then reinstalled Thunderbird. I got the mail icon back, but nothing was fixed.

Then I launched Evolution, and the tray envelope icon menu did what I wanted : switch back to Evolution. Seems to be fixed. I wanted this, though I wasn't launching Evolution a lot.

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