I have used Ubuntu Gnome since 14.04 and have Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 installed on a machine that I use daily for work. recently, I have been using my wife's laptop which has Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity on it and have to come to the conclusion that I like Unity better than Gnome. My question is this, I want to have Unity on my desktop and remove Gnome but I'm guessing as Ubuntu Gnome is a distro that it isn't as simple as just removing gnome and installing Unity. I have a lot software installed and I don't what to reinstall everything again. Is there an easy and reliable way to convert my installation to vanilla 16.04 and keep all my software and settings?


Maybe running taskel, I tried this in ubuntu server (from XFCE to Unity) and I haven´t any problem. First try this with a virtual machine (I prefer virtualbox)


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