When I try to run the command below in Ubuntu:

sudo -n -u contd sh --login -c ". /home/contd/iib-;/home/contd/iib- -cp $CLASSPATH:$MQSI_JREPATH//usr/share/ant/lib/ant-antlr.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-bcel.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-bsf.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-log4j.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-oro.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-regexp.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-resolver.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-apache-xalan2.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-commons-logging.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-commons-net.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-javamail.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-jdepend.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-jmf.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-jsch.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-junit.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-junit4.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-launcher.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-swing.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant-testutil.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/ant.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/jsch.jar:/usr/share/ant/lib/junit.jar -Djava.ext.dirs=/home/contd/iib- -Dant.home=/usr/share/ant org.apache.tools.ant.Main -f /home/contd/AntScript/build_main.xml"

I get this error:

sh: 0: Illegal option --

The above command is supposed to be supported in Linux, but when I try to implement the same solution (Ant scripting) in Ubuntu, I face this problem.

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    I don't think the dash shell supports a long-form --login option: see DashAsBinSh Nov 27 '16 at 18:54
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    A quick fix would be to replace --login with just -l.
    – Seth
    Nov 27 '16 at 18:59

sh on ubuntu is a symlink to the dash shell, not bash. Dash does not support the longform --login, but it does support the shorthand form, -l (from man dash):

-l Make dash act as if it had been invoked as a login shell.

Replacing --login with -l in your command should fix your issue.

sudo -n -u contd sh -l -c ". <etc>

If you want to invoke bash instead of dash simply call bash instead of sh.

sudo -n -u contd bash --login -c ". <etc>

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