I prepared an image and included in /etc/rc.local a line to run a script:


I then created a script at that location

It contains a curl, to download and save a file as new file to the system. After this the file should be executed.

My problem is the following:

The content of the script I included directly to rc.local before and got an error permission denied.
It was the line downloading a scriptfile and save it locally.

Now I started to read further post and all said, it's better to exclude commands to a script file and launch the script file via rc.local only.

But the permissions-problem persists.

So I tried to modify my rc.local line:

/path/to/myscript.sh # not working
sudo /path/to/myscript.sh # not working

also in my script I added sudo to each command, it's not working.

Currently it seems curl with saving a file isn't allowed. (Internet connection exists).

Other posts say I should install a service. Now I think it's going oversized and have no warranty. I need to run the script only once at reboot. In the script I tell the device to download bash-scripts and execute them.

So it seems I have a permission problem and I don't know how to fix it.

Maybe I used the wrong method to run a script after boot.

Why does this problem occur and how to fix ?

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    Are you sure that the script /path/to/myscript.sh is actually executable? What does ls -l /path/to/myscript.sh say? – AlexP Nov 27 '16 at 10:46
# ls test.sh
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 nov 27 13:40 test.sh

# ./test.sh
-su: ./test.sh: permission denied

To solve:

# chmod +x test.sh

Change test.sh for /path/to/myscript.sh

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