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I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 just to get familiar with the environment but I can't install the softwares I use on windows. I need all the help I can get right now .

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If you really need to use a windows program (a .exe file) you can use Wine. follow these:

  1. Go to Ubuntu Software Center, search for wine and install it.
  2. Afterward by pressing CtrlAltt open the terminal.
  3. Change direction with the command cd Desktop
  4. Finally, run your program with this commad: wine YourProgram.exe

It will run your program. (I assumed that your exe file is on your Desktop, change the direction considering your exe file's real path.)

here you can find helpful things about Wine: help.ubuntu.com/community/wine

but you will learn to find alternative programs for ubuntu very soon.

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    Please expand on your answer. Rather than just posting a link, explaining how to use wine would be much better. A quick Step by Step would be ideal. – ThatGuy Nov 27 '16 at 7:56

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