I'm totally new to Linux and trying to do a simple move with user input like this:

echo "where do you want to move the file to?"
read location
mv ~/my-applications/bin/trash/* $location

This works great, however, I wish to move a specified file specified by user input. For example, I wish to move test from trash but there is another file called dontmoveme. My script moves everything.


You can specify the file by adding another read:

echo "what do you want to move?"
read file
echo "where do you want to put it?"
read location
mv -v -- "$file" "$location"

If the script is just to move things from a particular location then you can of course give the path...

mv -v -- ~/my-applications/bin/trash/"$file" "$location"

I added -v so mv will tell you what it is doing - remove if preferred. I also added -- to tell mv not to interpret any following input as options, just to avoid any weird behaviour if someone enters any text beginning with -

  • Thank You. That does exactly what I was asking for..your a Star :) – Yunus1979 Nov 26 '16 at 23:23

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