OS: Ubuntu LTS 16.04
PC: FullHD monitor, Intel HD Graphics 530, no external videocard

In landscape orientation all is good.
In portrait orientation I have screen tearing problem, like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing
When I move some small window across the screen, screen image tears in random horizonal lines.

I tried this (as someone suggested in similar questions):

sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-video-intel

After reboot problem changes: now when I move small window across the screen, I clearly see tearing in only one same vertical (!) line at the right (at around 800px of 1080px screen width, didn't meaasure correctly). So I reverted this and installed xserver-xorg-video-intel again.

Also tried this solution:
Screen tearing in Ubuntu with Nvidia/Intel graphics
But after creating /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf sytem won't boot.

  • An important comment under that question says "Note that since 10.10 the config file directory is now /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d (wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config)." – Evan Chen Nov 26 '16 at 22:37
  • Yes, I tried /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d, thanks for correction. After this during os boot monitor lost signal. – ukrbublik Nov 26 '16 at 23:29
  • @ukrbublik can you take a picture? – user595510 Nov 27 '16 at 0:28
  • I have a video (youtu.be/sHfYKgsF2_I), it's when I uninstalled xserver-xorg-video-intel – ukrbublik Nov 27 '16 at 9:17
  • And a photo (oi65.tinypic.com/16k5qvc.jpg) when xserver-xorg-video-intel is installed – ukrbublik Nov 27 '16 at 9:20

No suggestions?

Maybe I need to use xrandr and xvidtune?

I tried this:

xrandr --addmode "1080x1920_60.00" 176.50  1080 1168 1280 1480  1920 1923 1933 1989 -hsync +vsync
xrandr --output HDMI2 --mode "1080x1920_60.00"

But after this monitor says "Out of range" error and doesn't output anything.

I got this mode options string from cvt:

cvt 1920 1080
1920x1080 59.96 Hz (CVT 2.07M9) hsync: 67.16 kHz; pclk: 173.00 MHz
Modeline "1920x1080_60.00"  173.00  1920 2048 2248 2576  1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync

cvt 1080 1920
1080x1920 59.96 Hz (CVT) hsync: 119.26 kHz; pclk: 176.50 MHz
Modeline "1080x1920_60.00"  176.50  1080 1168 1280 1480  1920 1923 1933 1989 -hsync +vsync

But I think this options are wrong. Because xvidtune outputs another (real) ones:

xvidtune -show
"1920x1080"   148.50   1920 2008 2052 2200   1080 1084 1089 1125 +hsync +vsync

(same as for portrait and landscape orientations)

I think maybe I need to tune this options for portrait orientation to solve tearing? But I don't know what do I need. Any help?

My monitor: https://iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-xb2483hsu-b2/

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