I can't seem to find a way to remove a broken gnome terminal profile I've setup from the list under File -> Open Terminal.

How does one remove one of these from the list? I can't change the settings because it opens and closes so fast. GNOME Terminal 3.18.3.


You have to install dconf-editor in order to edit/remove terminal profile if you cannot access gnome-terminal menu.

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Open dconf-editor then navigate to org > gnome > terminal > legacy > profiles. From there you can modify the profile.

enter image description here

Screenshot taken at 14.04 with gconf-editor

  • I'm using 16.04, and there's nothing there... – leeand00 Nov 28 '16 at 15:40

Execute gnome-terminal -- bash or gnome-terminal -- zsh (whichever is not a misconfigured shell) or gnome-terminal -- /bin/sleep 1000 or something similar to open gnome-terminal in case by default it closes way too quickly due to a broken startup command. Then you can open the Edit -> Preferences or Profile Preferences dialog and fix the problem.

Beginning with gnome-terminal 3.22 (Ubuntu Artful) you can even use the command gnome-terminal --preferences to open the Preferences window directly.

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