I want to know how to encrypt Google Chrome passwords so that no one can show it. There is no option for a master password to encrypt passwords saved on Chrome browser, and I want to make it more secure


You can use an external password safe with strong encryption. I use keepass2 for that. It has plugins for firefox and chrome/chromium.

To install keepass2 you can use

sudo apt-get install keepass2 keepass2-plugin-keepasshttp keepass2-plugin-rpc keepass2-plugin-application-menu keepass2-plugin-application-indicator

ChromeIPass is installed from the chrome webstore:


  • i am using keepass2 and the mentioned plugins but the autofill function not as good as chrome built in autofill function!!. i want to know if i used something like lastpass it will help me and provide a secure autofill function? – Sherif Radwan Nov 24 '16 at 0:50

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