I wan to backup my whole server. I don't use LVM. I want to exclude some specific folders but backup the rest. I dont wanna use duply. Is there any good tool I could use for that? I need to backup to a remote backup server. The backups should be encrypted.

Can rdiff-backup also upload to a remote server using sftp?

Thank you very much! :)


Answering your questions, Rsnapshot, duplicity, attic, bup, rsync, tar are good tools.

Regarding rdiff-backup allowing uploading to an sftp server. It can upload via ssh. You need a bit more than just sftp access. From the documentation,

rdiff-backup /some/local-dir hostname.net::/whatever/remote-dir

Where hostname.net is the remote server.

Now, some questions you should ask yourself when doing this.

  • Is this for an online backup or an offline backup?
  • do you need incremental backups?
  • do you need encryption?
  • If you have things like databases, how will they behave while you're taking a snapshot? Should you create a dump before the actual backup?
  • Is there value to data that's on RAM? Do you need to force anything to write to disk?

The more information you provide, the better we can help you.

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  • I need it for online backup to a remote server supporting sftp, webdav and samba/cif. the problem is whenever i try to automount webdav or samba, the server doesnt boot anymore. so i wanna stick with sftp. also i need encryption and incremental backups. i have databases but i use automysqlbackup and backup that directory too. i dont need data from RAM I think. – Uwe Pfeifer Nov 20 '16 at 13:24

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