I'm learning about GIT and I am using SMART GIT.

I am running Windows 10 but using a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu.

I have cloned and committed using SMART GIT - all works fine. The issue is when I close the session (saving state or restart computer). When I next load the VM and open SMART GIT, under the repositories tab instead of showing the branch name, it shows <unknown branch/commit>. If I attempt to sync or create a new branch or add a new repository to the same location on my hard drive I get the error message

Executing a command has failed Short read of block

It's not clear to me where the error is - with the Virtual Machine, Ubuntu or Smart GIT...

Is there anything I can do to find out what is causing this?


Judging by a very similar looking issue (with no solution) here (noted it's old), my money would be on SmartGit. Looking at this link you should likely be able to determine it definitively by looking at SmartGit's log file:

Default Location of SmartGit's Settings Directory
Windows %APPDATA%\syntevo\SmartGit\ (%APPDATA% is the path defined in the environment variable APPDATA)
Mac OS ~/Library/Preferences/SmartGit/<major-smartgit-version>
Linux/Unix ~/.smartgit/


log.txt contains debug log information. It can be configured via log4j.properties. You may remove this file: afterwards, SmartGit will return to its default logging settings.


I had the same problem, weirdly enough in almost exactly the same setup: Win 10 host, Debian VM, SmartGit in the VM, VM was terminated hard.

In my case, it was simply caused by a corrupt git repository. When I did a git log on the command line, I got error messages about empty object files. Also, git fsck --full was segmentation faulting, which just cannot be a good sign.

I started to delete the empty object files, find . -size 0 was helpful here. Ultimately, I could fetch, pull and checkout in SmartGit again.

Some topics that guided me on my journey (even though none of them covered exactly my case or repair steps):

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