Now I have 3 users: x,y,z

and 3 folders a,b,c

I want to make user x have a full permission in the 3 folders and their containing files.

I want to make user y have write+read+execute permissions on b folder and its contents only

I want to make user z to have write+read+execute permission on c folder and its contents only

How I can do it?

  • Is this a homework question? – David Foerster Nov 17 '16 at 10:26
  • no I want to manage my small business shared network – Mahmoud Mo Nov 17 '16 at 10:28

For this we need to assume that x is member of group g and neither y nor z are member of that same group. Then we can set the (group) ownership and access permissions as follows:

chown -R x a
chown -R y:g b
chown -R z:g c

chmod -R u+rwX,go-rwx a
chmod -R ug+rwX,o-rwx b c

This removes the read and traversal permissions for all other users (aside from x, y, and z) on all three directories as well.


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