Hi I'm looking for a tool to synchronize files from my local web server to remote web server. I've been using since a few of years the (Site Publisher) with wine, but I'm looking for a free alternative that integrates naturally with Ubuntu (a linux aplication).

I would like the tool had GUI like Meld, which could have a list of files / directories to ignore, that I can choose which files or directories you want to replace at the time of synchronization, in few words something like the Site Publisher mention that before.


I would suggest rsync, if you want a graphical interface grsync

I would advise using rsync/grsync over ssh




  • Hey thanks for the reply, I already knew the rsync but does not offer me what I want, I can not manually select different files and decide what to do with them, the closest thing to what I need is the directory comparison option of Filezilla but the work is manual and is a bit cumbersome. – JoZ3 Dec 5 '11 at 9:16

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