So, yesterday I installed xubuntu onto an aging laptop using universal USB installer - Everything was fine and persistant. (I let the program create the 4gb persistant file) However I realised I needed more storage space so I posted on a question asking how I increase the 4gb persistant file. (Or creating a partition)

I decided it would be no great loss to start over so I formatted my USB (64GB) with a gparted live CD. I created one small fat32 partition for the install and a huge ext4 for my persistant files. I labled the ext4 partition casper-rw and ran the Universal Usb installer all over again - but selecting the 8GB Fat32 partion I had made (The only one visable in windows) I let the program install Xubuntu to the fat32 partition and let it format it again (Leaving my ext4 partion alone)

I booted into Xubuntu live fine but without persistance. I attempted to install steam with sudo apt and it promptly told me that I had less than 250mb disk space availble. Does anyone know how I can enable persistancy in my ext4 partition? And why programs will not install to it? It does not seem to be mounted anywhere so do I need to mount it in a specific location? I'm not bothered about any data loss and I'm open to completley re - formatting the USB drive. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks in advance.

Reply (because I don't have enough reputation) Yeah I just want to make my ext4 partition persistent. I was told that a full install on a USB stick would be extremely slow and unusable - is this true?

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  • If you're using a LiveUSB, that isn't called installing, just so you know. All you're doing is burning the installer to a USB stick. Do you actually want to install Ubuntu to the USB stick or just make a larger than 4GB persistent LiveUSB? – TheWanderer Nov 15 '16 at 22:26
  • Yeah sorry I don't want to actually install to the USB (Because I heard this slows everything down while working on a USB - Is this true?) I just want to enable persistence on a ext4 partition on the USB. – Joe Sullivan Nov 15 '16 at 22:34
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    I don't think installing will really create a write/read speed difference. That's all in the USB. The Live session does load itself into RAM while it's running, but installed Ubuntu will behave similarly. – TheWanderer Nov 15 '16 at 22:37
  • How do you directly install to a USB? it fails at the partition stage for me. – Joe Sullivan Nov 15 '16 at 22:39
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