Since I upgraded some of my servers from 14.04 to 16.04, I encounter one problem.

Suddenly SSH sessions initiated to those 16.04 servers from within a running Tmux session will no longer disconnect if I issue a sudo reboot or (as root) reboot on those remote servers.

Instead I will see the wall message about the system going down for reboot and then ... nothing. Occasionally I have encountered some timeouts, but only after a long - unacceptably long - waiting period.

The only way to recover a Tmux pane in which I ran one of these SSH sessions is by killing it (Prefix+: and then respawn-pane -k).

Since this also happens from old 14.04 machines with the older Tmux and SSH client versions, I suspect that the problem is purely on the server-side.

How can I configure 16.04 to cause a forced disconnect to clients connected via some TCP-based protocol upon rebooting?

The same still happens with 18.04, upgraded or freshly installed. No matter.

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