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Suddenly I deleted my NTFS partition from the Disk in Ubuntu and later I created a new partition of the same name from the one I deleted before. Now I have some files in there I'm missing.

I want to retrieve my data before formatting this partition. What can I do to achieve this. I tested Testdisk, but it won't help.

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to recover data, you may try as follows:

Boot with your Ubuntu Live DVD/USB and open Terminal

  1. sudo fdisk -l to find the exact partition number (sdaX/hdaX - where X is 1/2/3 etc.)

  2. Then sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sdaX (or hdaX)

  3. If ntfsundelete gives error, then sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs

  4. Now ntfsundelete should work

  5. To undelete a file, check the ntfsundelete report, you should see the files with a Inode number at the left

  6. sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sdaX –u –i <Inode> (or hdaX)

  7. Your files should now be recovered, but you can only see them as a Root user

  8. Change the files ownership to normal user sudo chown ubuntu <Files>

Hope this helps

  • This won't help at all since the original partition has been partially overwritten. – Andrea Lazzarotto Nov 10 '16 at 12:40

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