After installing StackApplet by using:

sudo apt install stackapplet

The app doesn't open, so, it fixed by:

sudo apt-get install python-appindicator

Now it's open and appears in the indicator-panel, but,
when I try to add my account, the pop-up dialog for login authentication doesn't open, and the screen becomes dark but nothing else happens:

The screen after pressing Add a new account: enter image description here

The screen should look like this: enter image description here

In the browser console this errors comes up on launch:

jquery.js:9835 GET http://stackauth.com/1.0/sites?key=_qlxmEAOH06hLA1_FsZIGQ&jsonp=jQuery111304529615512861749_1478608610966&_=1478608610967 404 (Not Found)send @ jquery.js:9835ajax @ jquery.js:9214(anonymous function) @ (index):438fire @ jquery.js:3147fireWith @ jquery.js:3259ready @ jquery.js:3471completed @ jquery.js:3502

And on pressing Add a new account:

jqueryui.js:167 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msie' of undefined(…)width @ jqueryui.js:167create @ jqueryui.js:162overlay @ jqueryui.js:161open @ jqueryui.js:151_init @ jqueryui.js:148_createWidget @ jqueryui.js:30b.(anonymous function).(anonymous function) @ jqueryui.js:28(anonymous function) @ jqueryui.js:29each @ jquery.js:383each @ jquery.js:135b.fn.(anonymous function) @ jqueryui.js:29AddNew @ (index):212onclick @ (index):1

How may I add my account if the dialog can't open, please?

  • I'm wondering, as the code has not been updated since 2014-05-09, could this have something to do with it? – AnotherKiwiGuy Nov 18 '16 at 10:05
  • The code uses JavaScript, so it has to be enabled to work. In this case , however, it is not the issue. I've tested the applet just now - enabling JavaScript has no effect, so we can rule out that part of the mystery – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Nov 18 '16 at 10:14
  • 1
    It looks like a problem with Auth API which may have changed. As I read about some time ago that registering is not longer supported through v1.0. – user.dz Nov 21 '16 at 13:29

I had the same problem this is how i fixed it.

Doesnt show - install sudo apt-get install python-appindicator

Cant add account - try the temporary fix first to see if it works then go for the permanent solution


i downloaded an older version and installed it and it works. you than run the app and add your user and then update the app using:

sudo apt install stackapplet

This is a temporary fix. As you will no longer be able to add an account because of a bug in the new version.

Permanent Fix - Which is what i have done

download the source files of the older stackapplet from this link: http://ppa.launchpad.net/stackapplet-dev/stackapplet/ubuntu/pool/main/s/stackapplet/stackapplet_1.5.2-0~201406200416~ubuntu14.10.1.tar.xz

extract the files and then look for a folder called html. you need to replace the html folder used by the latest stackapplet with the older html folder.

the location of the html is: [/usr/share/stackapplet/html/ ]

you will need root access to replace the files.

dont know how to do this. well here is the less technical way. run this in terminal:

sudo nautilus /usr/share/stackapplet/

this will open up a file browser with root access. now just delete the html folder or rename it. Finally copy the html folder extracted from the archive.

Your done, if you have the app open. close it run it again and it should all work. i havent tested everything but adding accounts and changing colour works. just not sure about autostart on login

Note - the links are to the actual developers page. so can be trusted


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