I installed the Atlantis transparent cube plug in and now all i have on my screen are folders and fish. I cant open a terminal with ctr alt T and i cant open the run dialogue box with alt F2. I also cant get ctr alt F1 to do what i need (unity --reset). I have tried everything that i can think of and nothing is working. I have been using the computer in guest mode but i cant do this forever, at least i hope not.

  • Isn't Ctl+Alt+F1 dedicated to "Switch to virtual terminal #1"? Did that work before installing Atlantis? – jpaugh Dec 2 '11 at 19:52
  • You may be able to open ccsm by loging in to a virtual terminal and typing the command "DISPLAY=':0.0' ccsm" and then switching back to the GUI with Ctl+Alt+F7. – jpaugh Dec 2 '11 at 19:57

You have to delete your compiz config file.

Open a virtual console:


stop the login manager:

sudo stop lightdm

delete your compiz settings:

rm -rf .config/compiz-1/

start lightdm

sudo start lightdm

log into ubuntu again.


If your aim is to open ccsm then simply open a folder on your Desktop & browse to /usr/share/applications.

Double left click on the Compizconfig Settings Manager icon.

If in similar with no folders on the Desktop then right click > create one, ect.


If you have another DE such as gnome shell you can configure compiz(by pressing reset button in preferences) from it and re-log to Unity read this also.

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