How would I generate a list that displays the lowest numbers in a file?


  1. List item 2476 Jackie Woodson :manager: :sales: :05/01/59: 110000
  2. List item 2000 Jack Wilson :director: :accounts: :04/19/55: 80000
  3. List item 7700 Wilson Ali :executie: :accounts: :08/30/56: 90000
  4. List item 3364 Bill Wilcocks :manager: :sales: :12/12/55: 65000

  5. List item 4290 Neil O'bryan :executive: :accounts: :05/01/59: 100000

  6. List item 2000 Wilson Albert :Chairman: :productions: :03/12/50: 125000

I want to list the show the range between 60000 and 9000 and list only those using grep

I've tried

grep "[69]" .....$ filename


grep does not do numeric comparisons, and is not the tool to use here. I'd use:

sort --field-separator=":" --numeric-sort --reverse --key=7 --ignore-leading-blanks filename | \
    tail --lines=3  | \
    sort --field-separator=":" --numeric-sort --key=7 --ignore-leading-blanks

grep is line matching tool, which means it only matches lines which has specific text. What you want is text processing utility, such as awk that can do comparisons.

$ awk -F ':' '$NF > 60000 && $NF<90000' list.txt                                  
List item 2000 Jack Wilson :director: :accounts: :04/19/55: 80000
List item 3364 Bill Wilcocks :manager: :sales: :12/12/55: 65000

The way this works is simple:

  • -F ':' tells awk to treat each line as set of words separated by colons
  • '$NF > 60000 && $NF<90000' will look at the last word $NF , and check if it's greater than 60000 AND (the && part) 90000.
grep -P '\b[6-8]\d{4}\s*$' ex3
  • 1
    -P, --perl-regexp Interpret PATTERN as a Perl regular expression (PCRE, see below). This is highly experimental and grep -P may warn of unimplemented features. – Elder Geek Nov 8 '16 at 18:46
  • @ElderGeek, in fact this option is present just in some grep implementations such as gnugrep -- the grep available in ubuntu. Although experimental this option in available for years and is very robust and widely used – JJoao Nov 8 '16 at 20:09
  • Do you think that information might be suitable to edit into your answer? (comments can be deleted for a number of reasons) – Elder Geek Nov 8 '16 at 20:21

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