I am a newbie to Ubuntu and installed Ubuntu 16.04 in my Acer ES1-521 laptop. WiFi worked right after the installation, but now i see Wireless adapter is hard blocked.

Machine has a Qualcomm Atheros 9565 card. There is no switch to turn off/on wifi. Only the Fn + F3.

Seems the hard block started after i switched off and on bluetooth. Not sure it caused it or just a coincidence.

I had tried the following to remove hard unblock.

rfkill unblock all modprobe ath9k Bios reset (F9) - Wifi card works just fine in Windows 10 before and after bios reset

None of the above could unblock wifi.

any other suggestions please?



I had same issue with Acer ES1-521 laptop. Following Link here, I did the following and it worked fine.

blacklist acer-wmi

to my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf. Then a quick reboot and wireless network detected and working fine from then on.

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