Currently you can't update packages with umake. Here's a link to the closed github issue How to update installed software?#122. As mentionned you only need to remove the package and reinstall it like this.

umake --remove <type> <package> && umake <type> <package>

For example, if you know that idea shoul be reinstalled, type:

umake --remove ide idea && umake ide idea

So I was lookong for a solution to update all my umake packages.


Assuming you have choosed default installation path, all packages are installed in $HOME/.local/share/umake/

So you can list them and update them like this:

for path in $(ls -d $HOME/.local/share/umake/**/*/); do
    package=$(basename ${path});
    type=$(basename $(dirname ${path}));
    echo "Reinstalling ${package} of ${type}";
    umake --remove $type $package && umake $type $package;
  • so is there is no "umake upgrade" command to update all apps installed from umake? – Pranav Aug 24 '19 at 12:50

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