I installed libreoffice from snap. The program works fine but I'm locked in the snap container. Trying to open an office attachment in Evolution results in:

Access to /home/user/.cache/evolution/tmp/evolution-user/Document.xlsx was denied.

I get the idea that snap packages are self contained and secure, but in order to work within a system other packages that were installed from .deb should be granted access to snap. How can I do this without compromising security?

Update: In response to user spktkpkt, when I list

$snap interfaces

Slot                     Plug
:bluetooth-control       -
:gsettings               emacs-tealeg
:hardware-observe        canonical-livepatch
:home                    emacs-tealeg,libreoffice

I can see that libreoffice is connected to :home but, maybe because my document is in a hidden folder (.cache) it can't be accessed.

Note that home interface can only access non-hidden files as described on the interfaces reference page of snap:

[home Interface] Can access non-hidden files in user's $HOME and gvfs mounted directories owned by the user to read/write/lock.


I have not used it yet, but there should be a interface to communicate with the $HOME directory. Here is some information about interfaces and here is a list with all available interfaces.

  • Seems to be the way, but I guess the hidden file causes some issues? – Philippe Nov 7 '16 at 20:35
  • In theory there is the personal-files interface (docs.snapcraft.io/the-personal-files-interface/9357). But 1. that is not available for LibreOffice and 2. that would open up all .config files as well and may weaken the security snaps provide. – Daniel Jan 11 '19 at 19:31

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