I've got a certain number of png files, named 1.png, 2.png, etc. and need to make an animation with them. I'm using convert -delay 20 *.png animation.gif.

The first time I used it, it happened that the animation created started at 10 then 11 then 12, all the way up to 19 and then it goes to 2! It's logical, but I don't want that. So what I did was modify the names to 01.png, 02.png.

That was OK at the beginning. Now, I want to make a gif with more images(thousands), and the problem is that when it goes 10 for example, it goes to 100! I can't be modifying the names manually, because all this is part of a script, and the user chooses how many png he wants. So, how to solve?


This is nothing to do with the convert command - your shell is expanding the glob pattern *.png before it is passed to the command, and it does so in the lexical collation order LC_COLLATE defined as part of system's current locale.

Unfortunately it's hard to get numeric ordering in the bash shell (which is what I assume you are using): if you don't mind switching to zsh there is the possibility to use a numeric glob qualifier i.e.

convert -delay 20 *.png(n) animation.gif

For further discussion, see for example this related Q&A Glob with Numerical Order

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