I'm trying to follow this instruction but I'm not sure how. I have very little knowldge of Linux.

Add the executable "sss" to search path. In most installations this can be accomplished by linking the file to the "bin" subdirectory at user home.

Could I get some help?


PATH is an environment variable that will list the directories to search for a command (script or binary).

Running echo $PATH on a terminal will output your current PATH variable.

Usually, the terminal recognizes directories called "bin" in the user home and add it to the PATH (this is done automatically when the ~/.profile script is called by the terminal on invocation).

So what this instruction is telling you to do, is to create a symlink to your program on the ~/bin folder, if that exists (or creating it and including the symlink if it doesn't).

mkdir ~/bin
cd ~/bin
ln -s path/to/your/program programname

Then you can call your program by just typing its name in the terminal.

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