Following various guides, I'm able to sync Box using WebDav. But my Box size is too large and I don't want to sync them all.

Is it possible to only sync certain folders using WebDav & Box?

Box's WebDav help page doesn't seem to mention it.


The guide you link to, is mostly about WebDavfs2, though near the end it has a reference to an experimental sync client as well. Did you try that? I have tried various ways to sync my Box cloud. Up to BoxSync3, I could sync with Wine. That worked but I used Ubuntu on a dual boot laptop and when switching to windows the sync indexing started all over again, regardless of syncing under Ubuntu and vice-versa. In the end I prefer to just have access to my files through WebDav, mounting the remote Box.com location. The webdav client in Nautilus, performs better than webdavfs2, for that purpose.

I used the guide you link to and succeeded in mounting the remote Box.com location. However it is very-very slow, with nautilus or most gui file managers - the client webdavfs2 caches icons and file information and with large cloud storage the system crawls till it hangs - there are plenty of posts on this problem. Nautilus has a webdav client built in! use it and you will get much-much faster results (depending on your internet connection). Access to Box.com now works as fast as it does on my smart phone with the android client. here is how:

  1. Select "Connect to Server" at the bottom of your Nautilus side bar, or Nautilus > Files > Connect to Server sidebar screen shot
  2. At the window prompting you to enter your webdav location enter davs://dav.box.com:443 (443 is the port) screenshot of location query window
  3. Box will prompt you for user name and password

That's all for connecting and using your cloud files

In order to sync you will need a sync client.

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