I have lubuntu 16.04 installed on my computer. Windows is also installed.

My laptop(with lubuntu) used to shut down properly. Once I pulled the usb cable of a printer connected to the laptop while it was shutting down. From then on it wouldn't shut down properly; it just gets stuck at the lubuntu screen(with the five dots). When I hit escape a black screen shows up, with '[OK] Reached Target Shutdown.' written at the end.

The only way I can then shut down the laptop is by holding down the power button.

Can anyone help me?

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I have Lubuntu 16.04.1 LTS


  • Press CTRL + ALT + T
  • In terminal type sudo xedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
  • At the bottom of the file add:

    blacklist dw_dmac
    blacklist dw_dmac_core
  • Save and Quit

  • Type sudo xedit /etc/default/grub
  • In the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" erase quiet splash
  • Save and Quit
  • Run sudo update-grub
  • Reboot once

I did it and the PC now can PowerOff/Reboot/Suspend and everything.

Notes: This worked for ACER E-11 with previous Windows8.1 and now with Lubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.

Cons: During Start or ShutDown the computer will show only console, but it'll work.

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