I am using the standard gnome terminal which came with my Ubuntu 16.04 install. When I select text in the terminal I can paste it with a middle-click of the mouse, so that is all fine. But what I want is to be able to double click text and have it selected/copied so I don't have to drag over an entire word to select it. Does anyone know a solution for this?


Double-click to select text is the default behaviour of gnome-terminal (v3.13.3 for reference). However, I came across this question because it stopped working for me. The solution, for me, was in the "Mouse & Touchpad" settings, I had to change the "Double-click" slider and set it about half-way between Slow and Fast. I think gnome-terminal doesn't pick up my double-click when the setting is too far on the Fast side.

  • This didnt work for me, when I tried to increase it too far to the right it seemed to work once! I feel this tuning is difficult to do manually :( – vyom Nov 22 '18 at 12:51

I have found out that setting the tap to click to true solved the issue. Just execute the following commands: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad tap-to-click true

  • Tried this, didnt work for me – vyom Nov 22 '18 at 12:51
  • With the new ubuntu with gnome shell you can activate it right from settings -> Devices -> Mouse & Touchpad : Tap to click – salafi Nov 23 '18 at 12:56

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