Trying to speed up my system, I have Ubuntu 16.10, analyze the system, checked what services slow down, disconnected apt-daily.service as automatic check for new updates I don't need.

Please explain what service is responsible for the click-system-hooks.service and whether it can be deactivated.

$ systemd-analyze blame
26.630s apt-daily.service
17.067s click-system-hooks.service

Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Ukraine, looking at the Russian forums and not found an answer for what you use - click-system-hooks.service and is it possible to disable it.

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I wondered also what this may be on my Ubuntu installation, so I had a look at the service file /lib/systemd/system/click-system-hooks.service:

Description=Run Click system-level hooks

ExecStart=/usr/bin/click hook run-system


So, it is responsible for invoking /usr/bin/click hook run-system. According to its man-page, click is a

package management tool for Ubuntu Touch

and the parameters hook run-system mean

Run all system-level hooks for all installed Click packages. This is useful when starting up from images with preinstalled packages which may not have had their system-level hooks run properly when building the image.

Concluding, if you don't run Ubuntu Touch, you may disable the service via sudo systemctl disable click-system-hooks.service or remove click completely from your system.

For me, I suspect, it came with the package unity8-desktop-session which indirectly depends on click and must not be installed without.

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