I've been using suckless dwm for years and i really need to make the shortcuts look alike to feel at home ;)

On ubuntu oneiric, the keyboard shortcut editor is opened with: system settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts.

The help in the window specifies: 'To edit a shortcut, click the row and hold down the new keys or press backspace to clear'

So I select the first row of the 'navigation' section and highlight 'Move window to workspace 1'

Then i hold down ctrl+alt+1 for ten seconds but nothing happens. The shortcut still appears as 'disabled'. I'm unable to set any shortcut, i've tried many combinations. For example, a combination with Super key will be intercepted by unity instead of being catched by the keyboard shortcut editor window.

Can anybody reproduce this with oneiric ?

What am I doing wrong ?


After "Navigation" from the left pane, click the "Disabled" label within the row. It will now change to "New Shortcut", now press your key combination, or Backspace to clear.

enter image description here

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