How can I import a PST from Windows 2007 into Ubuntu 11.10's Evolution 3.2.1?


readpst: This software will allow you to convert all your .pst MS Outlook files into .mbox files. These .mbox files can then be imported into Evolution using its Import feature.

To install the readpst program in 11.10:

sudo apt-get install readpst

Sample command (assuming that you have a dual-core processor, you can run this task in parallel using the -j switch):

mkdir ~/Evolution

readpst -D -j 2 -o ~/Evolution -q -r ~/outlook.pst

You will need to change the paths to where you want to save the files and where you have saved your original .pst file.

After this, start Evolution and use the import feature to import these .mbox files, one-by-one.

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