I am going to install Linux and do a full disk encryption, I did some research and want to confirm that following information is correct:

  1. We first have the raw hdd
  2. Then we create partition table on it
  3. Then we create a /boot partition leaving the rest free space
  4. Then we use the free space as physical volume for encryption (encryption method = dm-crypt)
  5. Then we create logical volume group out of this encrypted volume (so that we only have one pass phrase )
  6. Then create logical volume out of this logical volume group (root, swap, home )
  7. And configure these logical volumes (root, swap, home)
  8. Finally write changes to disk

Am I correct? Is this a possible procedure?


Take a look at Dual Ubuntu Installations with Whole Disk Encryption. It describes how to add a secondary installation into the LUKS container created by an initial Ubuntu installation, but you'll find the necessary details in there for your scenario.

(I would have added this as a comment but don't have enough of reputation yet).

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