I have 11.10 running on a Netbook with Unity2D @ 1024x600 resolution. I VNC into my Ubuntu Netbook from Win7 @ 1920x1200. Is there a way make Desktop Sharing on 11.10 run at a resolution higher than the hardware resolution? I am not too worried about speed/lag. 1440x900 would be perfect. I like to keep my machine as clean as possible, I could add eg. vnc4server but I'd prefer not to do that. I have looked for but cannot find an appropriate vino-server config file.

Thank you.


You may change the monitor resolution on Ubuntu desktop higher than the local system display hardware can support for remote desktop access with the following steps:

Perform a check for the local system display name/identification used by Ubuntu using xrandr command.


Create a new mode say “1440x900”. The setting parameters can be obtained from a windows system with the appropriate display installed, using EDID Reader e.g. ‘Monitor Asset Manager - moninfo.exe’

sudo xrandr –newmode "1440x900" 106.500 1440 1520 1672 1904 900 903 909 934 +hsync +vsync

Then add the new mode to the VGA-0 i.e. the name of the system monitor.

sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-0 1440x900

On the remote desktop, issue the following command to change the desktop resolution

sudo xrandr --output VGA-0  --mode 1440x900

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