In another question (Mounting a drive Ubuntu Snappy) part of the answer was - Another way is to actually place the writable partition on the external hard drive, which would allow all snaps to place their data there without them knowing any different.

I am wondering exactly how one would go about doing this? Where is the fstab file to edit to change where /writable is mounted on?

Thanks in advance!



I figured out a way to do this. First attach the external drive. Second using parted make the label writable. Create an ext4 partition and name it writable. Quit parted and use mkfs -t ext4 -L writable /dev/sd?1. Finally using fdisk delete partition #3 on /dev/sda. Then reboot.

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  • PS. you need to copy everything from the original /writable to the new file system before you delete partition #3 above! – Ray Oct 29 '16 at 0:30

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