So, when I wake up from suspend, this happens:

The missing icons are Skype and Mega. When I close one of those programs, the other icon appear, like this:

How can I fix this or make a script that refreshes the status bar?

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As a temporary solutions until the bug is fixed, you can create a file f.e. icons.sh (dont't forget to give it execution rights with chmod +x) at any location:


dbus-monitor --session "type=signal,interface=com.canonical.Unity.Session,member=Unlocked" | 
  while read MSG; do
    LOCK_STAT=`echo $MSG | awk '{print $NF}'`
    if [[ "$LOCK_STAT" == "member=Unlocked" ]]; then
        killall unity-panel-service

After saving the script, open Ubuntu Startup Applications from Apps menu and configure this script to run after you login:

enter image description here

Every time you unlock the screen, unity panel service will be automatically killed and started, keeping your icons in place.

killall unity-panel-service

solves it to me, but I'm too lazy to get where to put it for autorestart on waking up. At least we know who is in charge for this :-)


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