I'm currently having two issues that might be related.

I use Numix as theme and icons. And then, i have a secondary LCD monitor wich I use as primary and disable the one that is integrated with my laptop. And for having the LCD with a regular resolution I'd added one time long ago.

From nowhere, after one reboot i started to have this error (in short version)

Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors none of the selected modes were compatible with the possible modes:

With this, my custom resolution from the LCD monitor, dissapears, both monitors are mirrored, and theme design dissapears.

Googling a lot, I've found out that if a delete the monitors.xml inside ˜/.config the theme gets restore and if I reboot the machine, I don't get the error. BUT

When I'm going to change the monitor preferences as I want to, the monitors.xml gets created, and if i reboot, everything goes bananas again.

Some specs in case that helps

Ubuntu 16.04 Compaq CQ40-500la SamsungSyncMaster 943NWX



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