I have installed the MAAS and all my nodes are ready to be deployed but when I bootstrap with juju it fails at the end. Below is the terminal printed during the bootstrapping:

juju bootstrap --config bootstrap-timeout=2000 maas
Creating Juju controller "maas" on maas
Looking for packaged Juju agent version 2.0.0 for amd64
Launching controller instance(s) on maas...
 - 4y3h7x (arch=amd64 mem=8G cores=4)  
Fetching Juju GUI 2.2.1
Waiting for address
Attempting to connect to
Logging to /var/log/cloud-init-output.log on the bootstrap machine
Running apt-get update
Running apt-get upgrade
Installing curl, cpu-checker, bridge-utils, cloud-utils, tmux
Fetching Juju agent version 2.0.0 for amd64

It stuck in Fetching juju agent. I turned off the server after almost 24 hours of waiting for bootstrapping :) :/


I checked the node monitor, it shows an error:

handler.py[WARNING]: failed posting event:...

And even though juju is not complete yet, MAAS change the node status to Deployed.


It looks like to me that your Juju node doesn't have internet connectivity. SSH to juju node with the following command:

$ ssh ubuntu@<juju-node-ip>
# where you can get juju node ip from maas
$ ping
  • Thanks @Junaid . I thought MaaS will configure the NAT. I configured it manually and juju is deployed. – Reza G. Oct 24 '16 at 2:23

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