As we celebrate the 12th birthday of Ubuntu, I look back on the announcement of 4.10 Warty Warthog, and see that back then, in 2004 (woah), the only way to get Ubuntu was by CD, and that you could request one here, but now unfortunately, that specific site no longer exists, and UbuntuLinux.org now redirects to Ubuntu.com.

So much has happened since, and so many Ubuntu versions (LTS & not) have been published, eventually CD/DVD support would have to end, but that's a seperate question. I know that CDs are probably out of date, but it's a flash to the past to think about it. So are there still CDs made? If not, when DID CD support end?

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The official program of shipping free CDs is long since dead. Those links are obsolete, as the ShipIt program was discontinued in 2011 with 11.04.

There used to be CDs on the Canonical / Ubuntu store, but it seems like they only provide a Bootable USB Stick category now, and currently only provide 16.04 sticks.

There are third-party companies such as OSDisk.com which sell and ship Ubuntu CDs/DVDs, and software repository DVD sets, but they are not free. OSDisk at least do appear to do worldwide shipping, but I don't think it's free unless you're buying $20 or more of disks.

So, your only options are to purchase USB media from Canonical, or purchase CDs from a third-party provider, or to download Ubuntu and create the installation media yourself. (There are no more "Official CD/DVDs" anymore)

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