I'm trying to deploy percona-cluster and binding shared-db to internal space. Juju and MAAS version being used is 2.0. When i run this command:

juju deploy cs:percona-cluster --series xenial mysql --config=openstackha.cfg --to lxd:13 --bind "shared-db=internal-api"

It fails with the following error:

ERROR cannot add application "mysql": unknown space "internal-api" not valid

I found the solution, the issue in my case was, juju put all subnets in the default space (space-0) though i had spaces defined in MAAS. So, I created required spaces using Juju and associated relevant networks to each.

To see available spaces to juju

juju spaces

To create a space and add existing networks, run

juju add-space <space-name> <network-cidr-to-add-to-this-space>

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