I have a special requirement, where I need to rollback the encrypted drive (using ecryptfs) to un-encrypted with its contents untouched. For this task, I am following below steps.

  1. Take backup of my encrypted drive contents (say /home mounted to /dev/sda3) to temporary .tgz file stored on a temporary unencrypted drive in my system.
  2. Unmount my encrypted folder /home
  3. Delete /home and recreate new /home
  4. Format my /dev/sda3 with ext3
  5. Mount /dev/sda2 to /home
  6. Unzip all .tgz contents to /home

After step-6, I see garbage filenames in my /home folder. When I checked .tgz file, it contains garbage files in it. Any reason why these garbage files are gathered in step-1 above. Anyway to avoid this. Please suggest.

If you need additional information please let me know.

Below are sample garbage file names displayed


Note : I am using ecryptfs_fnek_sig while mounting ecryptfs folder to encrypt my filenames

  • FYI, those are not "garbage file names", they're clearly eCryptfs filenames - the ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED. at the start is a little bit of a hint. Garbage names would be something like completely random non-ASCII characters and such. – Xen2050 Oct 22 '16 at 13:17

I was able to overcome this issue by clearing all contents of my /home directory after taking backup of it.

rm -rf /home/*
rm -rf /home.* 2>/dev/null

I did this as a part of step 2 above. From debug information, I came to know that step 2 was failing with error rm failed because of "directory not empty". Once after deleting its contents with above commands, I was able to delete it and recreate a new one. From there on, I dont see above error.

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