Under the 'Installed' tab in the Ubuntu Software app there are some programs which I don't need such as 'AisleRiot Solitare' or 'Mines'. There is a 'remove' button next to them, however I wish to become more comfortable in the CLI.
I am familiar with the apt-get remove {package} command, but don't know the exact name of the package I want removed...

How can I find a specific app's name via the terminal?

This is what I've got so far:

dpkg -l | less

However, I don't find any packages containing the search term ('Mines', in this example).

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You can list all the present packages on your system by:

dpkg-query --list *name* Adding any keyword you wish as name, wildcards permitted as well

Also depending on which version of Ubuntu you are using, you can write e.g.:

apt-get remove *name* , press double Tab, and you will be shown the packages starting by your name introduced.

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