How can I convert a png file using terminal or maybe a Python script to a jpg without artifacts; here's what I did and image was malformed: cat.png: enter image description here

jalal@klein:~$ convert cat.png cat.jpg

jalal@klein:~$ eog cat.jpg 

enter image description here

jalal@klein:~$ convert cat.png -quality 95 cat_95.jpg
jalal@klein:~$ eog cat_95.jpg 

enter image description here

  • Not helpful to your question (and I'm glad someone found a solution to the problem!), but I'll just note that the problem you've discovered could be a cool basis for glitch art. – r_alex_hall Nov 11 '17 at 13:44

It looks like you are suffering from issues due to the alpha channel in your PNG.
You can remove this and replace with a background of you choice using the following command:

convert cat.png -background white -alpha remove cat.jpg

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