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I am using Ubuntu 16.04lts and want to install Remastersys. Pl. show me the answer who is using it.

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According to the

Since Remastersys was abandoned, the team formed a fork Respin. Free Software and Open Source developers working together to create a FOSS remastering or respin program.

Follow these steps to install Respin on your system

Step 1: Clone Debian and Ubuntu source code and .deb packages from git hub by executing following command. The source and .deb packages get downloaded into your present terminal working directory

git clone

Step 2: Change the terminal working directory to where Ubuntu source and .deb package are located(LinuxRespin/ubuntu) and run the following command to install the package

sudo dpkg -i respin_1.1.0-1_all.deb

If you get any dependency errors after running the command in step 2, run the below command to fix the dependencies and install the package.

sudo apt-get install -f

note: No need to run the command in step 2 for installing the package after running the apt-get install -f command, which does two jobs of fixing dependenies and also installing the package

Download it here, and open the downloaded file with the default program, which should be the installer.

There is no current development on Remastersys. There is a fork however called Respin.

The deb files for Respin can be downloaded from the master branch here although it looks like we are still waiting for a new version for 16.04 (due to a crashing issue) A possible workaround for this can be found here.

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